Why Are A Lavalier Microphones So Popular?


A wireless microphone plays an important role in today’s age of vlogging, streaming, and gaming, A lavalier mic is a small microphone that you can clip onto clothing. You have probably seen a lavalier mic being used by TV presenters, YouTube vloggers, Gamers and film makers. The wearable mics deliver great clear sound due to the fact that they can be positioned quite close to the mouth. The wearable mics are also unobtrusive and allow complete freedom with your hands. There are two things to consider when using a lavalier mic: Positioning and Connectivity. Regardless of which mic you are using, you can position and clip the wearable mics the same way. However, when it comes to connectivity, different types of mics are designed to work with different types of devices.

If you need freedom to move around then wireless system is the best option. The traditional wired microphones convert sound to electronic single and send it over a cable. A wireless microphone simply replaces the cable with a radio signal. Similar to the radio in your car, a wireless microphone has a transmitter and a receiver. With wearable mics, a Bluetooth signal is sent to the receiver device, such as a camera, smartphone, speaker, laptop, or recorder.