What is Navitas?

Navitas Semiconductor Limited is the world's leading GaN power IC company which is founded in 2014 and headquartered in Ireland, with R&D and sales centers in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Shanghai. Navitas has a strong and growing power semiconductor industry expert team with industry-leading rich experience in materials, devices, applications, systems, design, and marketing. The founders of the company have more than 300 patents.
GaNFast power chip integrates GaN power (FET) with drive, control and protection, which enable faster charging, higher power density and greater energy saving for mobile, consumer electronics, enterprise, electric transportation and new energy markets. Navitas has issued and applied for more than 120 patents in all aspects of GaN devices, chip design, packaging, applications and systems. More than 15 million GaNFast GaN power chips have been manufactured and delivered successfully. Both product quality and shipping quantity are world-leading.