Wecent Technology Co.Ltd518101About UsJuJi Technology Building Shajing street .BaoAn ,ShenZhen City ,GuangDong ChinaSHENZHEN WECENT TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD is a company developing and selling mobile phone accessories with CE, FCC, CCC, RoHS certificates, including cellphone battery, TWS earbuds, wireless charger, power bank and other relative products. Our professional R&D team are devoted to design creative products, which has been export to all over the world (30% in America, 35% in Europe and 20% in Asia and others in other countries). OEM and ODM are welcome. Wecent controls each aspects of product quality strictly and is engaged in whole process of our products, research, development, production, sale and after-sale service. With mor

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Recently, gallium nitride (GaN) power ICs from Navitas are being used in Wecent 65W fast charger.\n\n“One of the best things about the 65W GaN charger is that it capable of charging more of your electronic equipments, including laptops, gaming consoles and smartphones”, said Mrs Phoneix, CEO of Wecent. “We believe this is truly a world-class charging experience,” she added.\n\nGallium nitride (GaN) is a next-generation
Nowadays, PD fast chargers on the market are mainly 65W and 100w. Why does Wecent still manufacture 20W PD fast chargers? Because the iPhone 12 series would no longer come with charger and they only supports up to 20W PD fast charger. However, the original Iphone charger cost high. We keep manufacturing and exporting 20w chargers, providing more choices for users with different budgets.
Having a MagSafe charger and other accessories will give you full use of iPhone 12’s features and create new experiences at the same time. While your new iPhone will still work with other Qi-enabled wireless chargers, chargers with MagSafe can deliver faster wireless charging up to 15W when locked in with an iPhone 12, where other wireless chargers deliver up to 7.5W. That means you’ll spend less time charging, and the perfectly aligned snap-on attachment eliminates the worry that
Lavalier mics come in different types, at different price points. If you want to use a lavalier microphone for your video or live stream, you’ll need one that fits your style. There are four factors to consider when choosing a lav mic:\n1. Budget\nMost lavalier microphones are pretty affordable. You can find a decent one without dropping too much cash. If you do go with a higher-priced lav mic, you’ll definitely notice better quality. Choose whatever your budget allows, but know that, with lav
A lavalier microphone, sometimes called a lapel microphone, clip-on microphone, or lav mic, is a small microphone you can attach to your clothing, near your face. Its portability allows the speaker wearing it to move or walk around while still capturing sound.\nLav mics are easily hidden, so they’re great for television – you’ve probably seen a news reporter wearing a lavalier microphone on their lapel. They’re also used for public speeches, vlogging, webinars, and stage performances.
If you constantly lose charging cables or live in a household where Android phones and iPhones peacefully coexist, it might be time for a wireless charging pad. In addition to serving as universal charging options for supported iPhones and Android devices, wireless chargers help cut cable clutter, and they\'re harder to break or lose.
Material\nThere are many different materials used in USB cables. The electrical contacts, the internal wires, and the outer insulation vary in composition from one manufacturer to another. Here are some of the most common materials found in USB cables:\nPVC is quite common. It\'s non-flammable, strong, and weather resistant. However, many manufacturers are moving to TPE, which is even more durable.
GaN or Gallium Nitride is a chemical compound with the properties of a semiconductor. Using GaN, one can manufacture electronic components like diodes, transistors and amplifiers. Although GaN behaves very similarly to silicon, it has a number of benefits over silicon-based devices, essentially because GaN has a larger “band-gap” as compared to silicon.\nThe properties of GaN includes higher temperature, high power handling capabilities and 1000x more electron mobility compared to Silicon.
The Milliampere\nIt may seem obvious but, you cannot buy a portable charger without first knowing how many milliamps your device has. For example, if your phone has a 2000mAh battery, you should buy at least one of 4,000mAh (twice the amperage), to be able to charge it a couple of times.\nThe amperage is a key point to look at, so do a couple of calculations before buying anything.
A good power bank for your smart phone shouldn\'t be too big, but it should have sufficient capacity. A 10,000mAh power bank allows you to charge your smart phone about 2 times and it\'ll usually still fit in your pocket. A larger, 20,000mAh model is useful for a camping trip during the weekend for two, but it probably won\'t fit in your pocket anymore. Many smart phones support fast charging; check if your device requires Quick Charge (Android) or Power Delivery (Apple and some Android devices).
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