In 2021, there is an indispensable keyword in the performance parameters of mobile phones-fast charging. When using mobile phones, we always pursue "fast", either run faster or charge faster. So a large number of gallium nitride (GaN) chargers appeared to meet our needs.

Smaller size

From 5V1A (5W) to 65W, the traditional chargers have higher power but larger size. Although their sizes are still acceptable, there is a contradiction between power and size in the long run. At the same time, there is the heating problem caused by the fast charging.

The new material gallium nitride is the best way to solve these contradictions with smaller sizes and faster heat dissipation efficiency.

Power demand

With the development of technology, people have higher requirements on power. It is more necessary to prepare a 65W GaN charger. iPhone no longer comes with a charger and so do other brands. A 65W GaN charger, which meets the PD fast charge agreement, can quickly charging all your electrical devices.

The most popular charger this year will be GaN charger. Don’t you agree?