Advantages of GaN chargers


For traditional semiconductor materials, high switching frequency will result in high switching loss, while the low loss characteristics of GaN material can reduce heat generation, while increasing the switching frequency can reduce the volume of transformers and capacitors, which will help reduce the charger Volume and weight.
Now that the fast charging power is getting higher and higher, the mass production of GaN chargers for civilian use can be said to represent a development direction of chargers in the future. Although the current price is relatively high, it is believed that in the near future, as the technology of GaN materials becomes more mature and more popular, the cost of GaN chargers will become lower and lower.

Gallium nitride, molecular formula GaN, English name Gallium nitride, is a compound of nitrogen and gallium. It is a direct bandgap (direct bandgap) semiconductor and is currently used in fast charging chargers. The performance is widely recognized by customers. There will be a very broad market in the next 1-3 years.