¿Qué es GaN?


Gallium nitride (GaN) is a very hard and stable wide-band-gap semiconductor material in mechanical. Due to higher breakdown strength, faster switching, higher thermal conductivity and lower on-resistance, GaN-based power devices are significantly superior to silicon-based devices. Production facilities, and use large-diameter silicon wafers at low cost.

GaN is used to manufacture semiconductor power devices, such as mobile phones and computer chargers. GaN technology has shown that it can replace silicon-based semiconductor technology in power conversion, radio frequency and analog applications.

The leading candidate raw material for elevating electronic performance to a higher level and reviving Moore's Law is GaN. It has been confirmed that the efficiency of conducting electrons by GaN is 1000 times more than silicon-based devices. The technological development of silicon-based devices has reached its limit, and a new semiconductor material GaN with higher performance is emerging.

The GaN era is constantly moving forward.

Gallium nitride materials promote the emergence of higher-performance transistors and integrated circuits. Now it is the best time for innovative power engineers to  utilize various advantages of GaN devices in their designs which includes

  1. Lower on-resistance to achieve lower conduction loss
  2. Faster switching devices to lower switching losses
  3. Smaller capacitors to achieve lower loss while charging or discharging device
  4. Less power needed to drive the circuit
  5. Smaller devices to reduce occupied area on printed circuit board