Wecent Technology Co.Ltd518101About UsJuJi Technology Building Shajing street .BaoAn ,ShenZhen City ,GuangDong ChinaSHENZHEN WECENT TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD is a company developing and selling mobile phone accessories with CE, FCC, CCC, RoHS certificates, including cellphone battery, TWS earbuds, wireless charger, power bank and other relative products. Our professional R&D team are devoted to design creative products, which has been export to all over the world (30% in America, 35% in Europe and 20% in Asia and others in other countries). OEM and ODM are welcome. Wecent controls each aspects of product quality strictly and is engaged in whole process of our products, research, development, production, sale and after-sale service. With mor

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Nowadays, PD fast chargers on the market are mainly 65W and 100w. Why does Wecent still manufacture 20W PD fast chargers? Because the iPhone 12 series would no longer come with charger and they only supports up to 20W PD fast charger. However, the original Iphone charger cost high. We keep manufacturing and exporting 20w chargers, providing more choices for users with different budgets.
MagSafe is a new ecosystem of accessories for easy attachment and faster wireless charging. With endless combinations, there is a mix to match any style. Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design makes on-the-go charging easy while does not get in the way of the phone or camera functions. The perfectly aligned magnets keep it attached to your iPhone 12 series— providing safe and reliable wireless charging. \nAs the name suggests,
According to customs data, the market revenue of GaN fast chargers, which is a profitable product with great opportunity, will reach 50 billion US dollars in 2025..Why do we say it is with great opportunity? According to Apple\'s latest release of Apple 12, charger has been canceled. What follows are large mobile phone brand companies, such as Samsung and Huawei. That means huge business opportunities.
Different material\nThe basic material of traditional charger is silicon. However, with the limit of silicon approaching, the development of silicon has reached a certain bottleneck, and many manufacturers are trying to find more suitable substitutes. With the increase of fast
A wireless microphone plays an important role in today’s age of vlogging, streaming, and gaming, A lavalier mic is a small microphone that you can clip onto clothing. You have probably seen a lavalier mic being used by TV presenters, YouTube vloggers, Gamers and film makers. The wearable mics deliver great clear sound due to the fact that they can be positioned quite close to the mouth. The wearable mics are also unobtrusive and allow complete freedom with your hands. There are two things to
In 2021, there is an indispensable keyword in the performance parameters of mobile phones-fast charging. When using mobile phones, we always pursue "fast", either run faster or charge faster. So a large number of gallium nitride (GaN) chargers appeared to meet our needs.\n\nSmaller size
Dear customers,\n\nWelcome to our website. Glad to tell you that you have entered a Fortune website. We are a leading brand of travel charger with 10 years experience. According to customs data, the market revenue of GaN fast chargers, which is a profitable product with great opportunity, will reach 50 billion US dollars in 2025.
GaN chargers are still growing in popularity and demand aren’t widely distributed yet. Reports reveal that WECENT is the ideal place to shop for GaN tech chargers. We offer a range of chargers including USB-C chargers for laptops.\n\nThe 65w, 100w and 150w chargers are designed not only for tablets and phones, but also for laptops. They are 40% smaller than the regular non-GaN chargers obtainable in the markets. With multi ports, they enable you to charger several devices at the same time.
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